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Pinjection is a manufacturing company producing needle-based injection systems (NIS).

Various parts are produced by either plastic injection molding or metal forming and after passing several quality control steps they are assembled into pens. The pens are sent out to pharmaceutical companies so that the medicine cartridge is inserted and ready-to-use pens are packaged to be shipped to the pharmacy.

Key Parameters

  • Classification: class C needle-based injection system (ISO 11608-1 revision 2022)
  • Cartridge size: 3 mL cartridge of 100 units/mL (U-100) (ISO 11608-2)
  • Needle type: single-use detachable and disposable pen needle (ISO 11608-3)
  • Dosing accuracy: bias+3×variance≤5% (ISO 11608-1)
  • Dosing range: 10-600 μl
  • Injection force: ≤20N


Pen cap: Pantone 543 C 
Main body: Pantone 543C
Bush: Pantone White 000C
Dial: Pantone Black 6C
Button: Pantone 2018C
Cartridge holder: Transparent

Pens are produced in different color codes identifying the installed medicine as required by the pharmaceutical company. The color codes are easily identified by the patients.

Most of our products are used to deliver different types of insulin products. However, pens are also used to inject a wider range of biotech products ranging from growth hormones to supplements. 

We deliver pens in three individual packages as follows:

  1. The “Dosing Mechanism” – involves more than 10 smaller parts that smoothly and precisely apply the required displacement. 
  2. The “Cartridge holder” – contains and covers the prefilled glass cartridge and includes standard threads to install the needle.
  3. The “Pen Cap” – protects the cartridge holder and matches the dosing mechanism color code.

Dosing Mechanism

  • Multiple injections per pen (a total injection of 3.00 mL)
  • Variable dosing between 0.01 to 0.60 mL per injection
  • Precise dosing accuracy compliant with ISO 11608-1
  • High-contrast and Large dose markings for improved visibility
  • Clear audible and tactile clicks when changing the dose
  • Reduced injection force (< 20 N)
  • Soft and easy two-way mechanism for dose selection (low-torque)
  • Safety locking mechanism after the drug is fully injected

Cartridge Holder

  • Compatible with standard pen needles compliant with 11608-2
  • Compatible with standard 3ML cartridges compliant with 11608-3
  • Easy needle attachment and removal
  • Strong needle grip for increased reliability
  • Transparent Polypropylene for hygiene and visibility
  • Post-injection remaining dose indicator
  • Geometrical features for fast and reliable cartridge assembly

Pen Cap

  • Clicking sound when attached
  • Clip for easy hold onto pocket and protection against rolling off surfaces
  • Extra room for an attached needle
  • Strong grip onto the pen

We can customize

1- Colors

2- Prints

3- Dosing units

4- Cartridge size



Pen cap: Pantone 435C 
Main body: Pantone 435C
Bush: Pantone 427C
Dial: Pantone White 000C
Button: Pantone 2645C
Cartridge holder: Transparent


Pen cap: Pantone 427C 
Main body: Pantone 427C
Bush: Pantone 427C
Dial: Pantone 424C
Button: Pantone 2645C
Cartridge holder: Transparent


Pen cap: Pantone 284C 
Main body: Pantone 284C
Bush: Pantone 284C
Dial: Pantone Black 6C
Button: Pantone 2845C
Cartridge holder: Transparent


Pen cap: Pantone White 000 C
Main body: Pantone White 000 C
Bush: Pantone White 000 C
Dial: Pantone Black 6C
Button: Pantone 427C
Cartridge holder: Transparent


Pen cap: Pantone 543C
Main body: Pantone 543 C
Bush: Pantone White 000 C
Dial: Pantone Black 6C
Button: Pantone 543 C
Cartridge holder: Transparent


Pen cap: Transparent 
Main body: Transparent
Bush: White / Gray
Dial: white / Gray / Black
Button: Orange / Gray
Cartridge holder: Transparent